Monday, February 18, 2008

REAL TIME: mobile phone video

Cell Phone Photo of the REAL TIME 08 website by Sheila Cunningham

The opening of REAL TIME: mobile phone video Friday night at The Contemporary was great. The gallery was dark except for the videos projected around the gallery space creating a very compelling environment. An interesting aspect of the exhibit uses the immediacy of cell phones to create and send art. The members of inter.sect will send new images everyday to create an ever-changing exhibit.

The photo above, taken by a cell phone, shows the projected website that displays the new cell phone art as it is received.

Check it out:

REAL TIME: mobile phone video
Curated by Dean Terry & John Pomara

February 15, 2008 ~ May 10, 2008

inter.sect a Dallas-based art collective, that responds collaboratively and immediately to verbal prompts

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