Monday, May 12, 2008

Gallery Openings - May 10

Conduit Gallery
Conduit Gallery was the first stop to check out the work of Ellen Berman, Robert Munguia and Briar Bonifacio.

Ellen’s paintings were so realistic. My favorite was Onion Bundle, which looked like the onions were really sitting there ready to be chopped.

Ellen Berman

Briar’s work, in the project room, was an interesting mix of found objects presented as both framed pieces and sculptural pieces. I liked the hand written notes on the wall beside the artwork.


Briar Bonifacio - art and hand written info

Pan American Art Projects
At Pan American Art Projects, Isabelle DuToit had fabulously detailed paintings of birds. They are painted to scale then perched in large-scale spaces, as if seeing them in a window.


Isabelle Du Toit

In the front, there was new work by Rusty Scruby, Charlotte Smith and Ellen Tuchman. It was interesting to see their artwork grouped together. Their work is very different, but they all are working to have the art project off the surface. Very cool!


Rusty Scruby

CharlotteSmith _by_Sheila_Cunningham
Charlotte Smith.
Charlotte's art on right, Rusty Scruby's on left.

Brooke Berman Gallery


Brooke Berman, in her new gallery space on Leslie, featured art by John Miller, Lisa Nersesova and Angela Thornton.

I liked Lisa’s use of string to create line drawings pinned directly onto the walls. One of her pieces reminded me of the background of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Lisa indulged me and posed in front of the piece.

Lisa Nersesova

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