Sunday, May 4, 2008

inter.sect Art Collabrative at the DMA

I had great fun Saturday night at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) as part of the inter.sect Art Collective. We presented cell phone videos at the Grand opening for the Center for Creative Connections.

The inter.sect Art Collective is a group of artists making films with mobile phones creating visual interpretations that mix words, sound, image, and video. Christie Nielsen sends text message prompts that are inspired by random words she sees, hears or free associates to the members of the Art Collective. Using cell phones, we make short videos interpreting the text prompts and send them to the inter.sect web site. For exhibits, large screens show the cell phone videos that run randomly across the screen, intersecting as they go.

I made this video for the prompt, Follow The Dot. To see more videos check out the inter.sect web site.

In the atrium, a multimedia concert performed by musician and artist Paul Slocum.

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