Sunday, May 11, 2008

Opening at McKinney Avenue Contemporary

Tracy Hick’s installation, Global Warning: still/LIFE is so great. I had seen some of the frog castings and jars at his studio so it was interesting to see how he assembled the installation. Tracy placed assorted rubberized bottles and castings on glass shelves lighting them so they cast shadows on the floor and ceiling. Delicate like life.

Then, starting in the corner, rubberized tiles with inclusions radiate outward almost encroaching on one of the shelf installations.

Tracy also has an installation in the project room. It was incredible to walk into the room filled with jars containing glowing frog castings. The sad thing is many of these species are now extinct.


Tracy Hicks installation. See more photos here.

Billy Hassell’s exhibit, Field Notes, is in the Square Gallery. His paintings are so colorful and packed with detail. I saw artist Polly Perez standing in front a painting and I did a double take. She was in a short sleeve shirt and the tattoos on her arms just seemed to blend into Billy’s painting. She was such a great sport and let me take several photos. Without a flash, her arms were in the shadows but maybe this will give you an idea.

Polly Perez With Billy Hassell Art

Check these exhibits out, they are up through June 21, 2008.

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Ryan said...

Hey Sheila, the link you have for Polly on this post is an archive that will be down soon. Please update it with a link for Mountain View College. Thanks.