Monday, March 17, 2008

Tracy Hicks Studio

Window, Cell Phone Photo by Sheila Cunningham
Frogs1, Cell Phone Photo by Sheila Cunningham
I was so lucky to be able to visit Tracy Hicks’ studio. It is the coolest place and all about frogs.
He has tanks of amazingly colored frogs that he raises from tadpoles to adults. He has molds of extinct specimen frogs he has made over the years. He developed the techniques and procedures that museums and scientists are currently using to make molds without damaging the specimens. His studio windows are filled with jars that feature frog molds. There are molded jars that have inclusions. So much to look at.

The frogs, global warming and extinction are reoccurring themes in his artwork. Currently Tracy has an installation at the Valley House. In May, he will have an installation at the MAC, McKinney Avenue Contemporary. Many of the jars in his windows will be in the MAC installation. Guaranteed to be great.

Check out his website. Cool photos of his work and short animations he has made of the jars.
See more photos I took at Tracys studio.

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RRogers said...

Sheila, I feel the same way - Tracy has a special studio and I too treasure my visits with him. By the way, Tracy has a solo show in Galveston this month. Thanks!