Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bath House Cultural Center Exhibits

Sunset From the Bath House Cultural Center,Cell Phone Photo By Sheila Cunningham
Two great exhibits opened at the Bath House Cultural Center this weekend.

Art By Kathy Boortz, Cell Phone Photo By Sheila Cunningham
In the large gallery, VERSE AND REVERSE, paired visual artists and writers for an interesting collaboration. The artwork and the writings are moving. More information is available here.

Art By Ann Huey, Cell Phone Photo By Sheila Cunningham
In the back gallery, Julia McLain-Echols and Ann Huey presented their CRACKED! Two Chicks’ Eggsabition. These are two very clever artists. Also, the world premiere of Ann’s first film, “Eggs & Hamlet” was shown. Not to be missed!

Showing in the White Rock Lake Museum, http://www.bathhousecultural.com/museum/index.html, stunning White Rock Lake bird photographs by Dallas art photographer J R Compton.

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