Monday, March 10, 2008

Gallery Openings – Saturday, March 8

There were many art venues with openings Saturday night. Unfortunately, I could not make them all but still managed to view lots of art and capture some of it with my trusty cell phone camera.

David Gibson by Sheila Cunningham
The first stop was at The MAC (McKinney Avenue Contemporary). I wanted to check out David H. Gibson’s new work, Ephemeral Moments. His landscapes always have such a mystical quality and this new work seems to be a natural outgrowth. David said he had been photographing waterfalls, exploring the aspects of mist and smoke, and ended up doing further explorations in the studio. Very cool!
David Dreyer and David Everett also had great exhibits.

Andrea Rosenberg by Sheila Cunningham
The next stop was Barry Whistler Gallery to check out Andrea Rosenberg’s new work. I always enjoy her artwork and really like her new work.

Evan Hecox artwork by Sheila Cunningham
Onto The Public Trust gallery. I wanted to see the Urban Abstract book and limited edition boxed set by Evan Hecox. Four prints from the set were included in the exhibit, all featuring cameras. An intriguing exhibit and lots of cool art books in the gallery store.

David Willburn by Sheila Cunningham
The last stop was 500X Gallery. The art exhibits are always interesting and so worth checking out. Two of the exhibits really caught my eye. David Willburn was doing an interactive/performance piece “The Object of My Affection”. His set was a metal folding chair on a riser topped with faux grass. People were invited onto the set to pose by themselves or with the object of their affection(s). He then took a photo, printed it out and pinned it to the wall. After Saturday night, all that will be left of the performance will be the photos arranged on the wall.
Artwork By Natalie Macellaio And Matt Clark by Sheila Cunningham
In the Project Room, Natalie Macellaio and Matt Clark collaborated to create “Wannabe.” They placed large ramps on pedestals around the room. Above each ramp a series of hanging objects mimicked the curve in a mesmerizing visual effect of stop-action motion – all stopped and all showing.

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