Sunday, March 30, 2008

unNatural disaster exhibit at UTD

unNatural disaster, curated by Greg Metz, opened Friday night in the Visual Arts Building at The University of Texas at Dallas. The exhibit runs through April 18, 2008. It is a thought provoking exhibit. My favorite piece is Rita Barnard’s Tribute, see below. In this memorial installation, Rita uses toy soldiers to represent soldiers that have died in the Iraq war. The sheer size is staggering. It really brings home the sacrifices many have made in a way that just hearing the numbers does not.
For information on the exhibit and the artists go here. To see more photos of Rita's artwork, Tribute, go here.


Enrique Fernández Cervantes working on a video of Rita Barnard and her artwork, Tribute.


Detail of Rita Barnard's artwork, Tribute.

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